recovery machine hookup

Glasses, etc.) Loading. There are two typical methods, direct recovery and push/pull. 2) Ensure that no dirt enters the tank. Did this article help you? Once youre done with this article, we know you wont be able to stop yourself from testing out your knowledge. This was a possible disaster for an unsuspecting tech, remove the cap expecting a valve core and well. You do this by holding the yellow hose away from you and opening your low side slightly for 1 second, then your high side for one second. Step 1: Turn off the gauges and make sure you properly connect the high side and the low side of the device where the refrigerant should be recovered from. Purge THE hoses OF AIR (this is done a little bit differently than in direct recovery.). the below steps will vary with your recovery machine -. .

Recovery machine hookup
recovery machine hookup

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When liquid recovery is complete, switch to Direct Vapor Recovery. The line will be marked as IN so you dont face any issues. Open the adult dating in Plymouth high side of the manifold for liquid recovery. Open hose valves, core removal tool valves or service valves. Before you get started with how to use a refrigerant recovery machine, you should be aware of the kind of refrigerant that is used in your devices and whether or not you want to put back the refrigerant in the same device. When youre finished recovering close your gauges and turn the recovery machine off.