trailer light hookup wiring

the trailer and a minimum of three red identification lamps on trailers. On the drivers side of the tail light there is a plug. Get the proper tee-connector and plug. Kool Vue muffler, Walker Muffler, and Flow Master are good brandsfor a 01 Ford Explorer. Introduction to Towing. A wiring diagram for the trailer hitch on a 98 Explorer can bepurchased at your local auto parts store.

You'll also need to remove the plastic trim panel under the steering wheel, including the hood latch (7mm socket). I wish i could changethat but there you. Just splice the wires together making sure that you match the colors and you are back in business. Thematische Suche, bild für die Suche in Bing verwenden. While most plugs and sockets come with standard color-coded wires, the colors illustrated below may not reflect those found on all vehicles and trailers. How do I wire my vehicle for towing a trailer? Answer Buy a kit at Wal-Mart, U-Haul, or auto parts comes with instructions Or, yellow wire is left turn, green wire right turn, red wire stop, brown wire marker/clearance lights.

Auto parts houses have plug n play kits now you buy one for ur ride an unplug the plug under the back that goes to ur tail lights an plug this piece in between the two ends and ur wired no cutting no guessing all. Step 3: Mount the ground wire. A bad ground can show up as an overall lighting failure, even when the voltmeter says you have a charge. Back to the top, how to Convert Two Different Wiring Systems. A repair book for themake and model of your vehicle will have the diagram included init.

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trailer light hookup wiring

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