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dyno show a 987 HP dyno sheet. Since HP loss from friction increases exponentially as the square of engine speed, the following percentages must be added to raw calibration torque numbers to be correct at the RPM where peak horsepower occurs. 11 Comments On-the-record accusers in the story include actress Illeana Douglas, writer Janet Jones, producer Christine Peters and writer Dinah Kirgo. We had communicated by phone a few times and I suggested as I always do with EFI F7ers: install a 2 or 3 degree key ahead of time (all smart F7 riders need that).

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The clean filter, and ostensibly cooler power supply resulted in smooth HP curves as we've had for 20 years, and the 200 HP Mach Z was once again 200 HP smooth as silk. Not many secrets can be left! No Comments Thank you to all those who attended, supported and sponsored the bcab 71st Annual Conference, held May 15-17, 2018 at the Manteo Resort Waterfront Hotel Villas. . 9am Jack G Elite Motorsports 800 triple 225hp last time w/ DynoPort mod pipes, looking to find a reason for occasional seizures just too lean-90 lb/hr will never support 225hp so raised needles, and opened power jets and fuel flow increased to 115 lb/hr. 4/29/05 Fri 9:00 AM Scott Trapp dialing in his carbed F8 for asphalt. Tomorrow I'm going to the auto parts store to get tools to disconnect fuel lines, then use automotive fuel line connectors to go from IQ600 fuel pump to dyno fuel flowmeter 1 then back to rail then another line from bypass regulator to dyno fuel. Comments 12:00:00 AM Monday, July 30, 2012 DynoTech : spring/ summer dyno schedule 4/2 Pat Kitchen, Joe DiSpirito Cat 1500 triple asphalt sled 4/6 Jim Sigg 103ci H-D PCV tune (CycleDyn) 4/7 Don Puleo 107ci H-D PCV tune (CycleDyn) 4/12 Randy Crouse, Cat 1200 twin, tuning. No Comments Nearly seven years after getting approval to operate an English-language commercial AM radio station, Elliott Kerr says the station is ready to launch Sept.

In response, the dj said, you can't do both! 1/8 Tues AM Joe Shear, F1200 Xfire with D D and Cutler twin pipes, cancelled due to warm 64 deg air bad for Boondocker winter tuning, rescheduled for Sun AM planning to squirt some n2o. We hear about traffic accidents and Sigalerts and always think these wrecks involve strangers.