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devices with simple or no descrambling capability, although the carrier may use different forms of scrambling for different premium channels. Newer cable boxes also tend to come standard with an ieee 1394 interface (aka "FireWire 1 and RCA jacks for composite video and stereo audio. See also edit Related Technologies: References edit "Archived copy". More recent cable boxes, particularly those for digital cable, engage in two-way communication with the carrier central office, allowing for more advanced and interactive features. I've unplugged it twice and it's still stuck. In addition, they include built-in programming guide and schedule information, in addition to weather, messaging, and on-demand services.

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In early systems, this permitted the carrier to send instructions to the boxes by addressing them over the wire. Solvedhow to hook up cable with no box to panasonic plasma tv solution. Ok, the Tv is hdmi in and both the DVD's player and the cable box is hdmi out! Digital transmission is compressed and allows a much greater capacity than analog signals; it almost completely eliminates interference, which has always been a hindrance to the cable TV industry. Contents, technological description edit, the basic converter box is passive and does not communicate back to the carrier.

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